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Stock car upgraded with the following, plus a few extra


Revo Stage 3
Revo Seat Cupra 500 bhp
Revo Intercooler
Revo IS38 ETR Turbo                          A picture containing text

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Welcome to theoldboy’s





This web site is designed to provide details of my motor and the work that has been done to it.


I will also provide specific information about the 280 Cupra like OBD11 Upgrades, Servicing and customisation options.


In my humble opinion the 280 was and is still the best Cupra in the MQB Mk3 range.

With the correct upgrades to deal with wheel hop. Exhaust and extra power you get a fun driver’s car.


The 4 Wheel drive cars from Seat/VW/Audi are all fantastic cars but in my mind are not hot hatches they are much more executive cars.


I would stress the Stage 3 upgrade makes this car a lot of fun but still lets you drive it round like a family saloon and get 40mpg on a long trip.


Cars Track Days


Information Links


Battery Types and what they mean and how to code a new one

How to upgrade you boot struts so the boot opens with button push

How to upgrade your bonnet with gas struts


Fuse Box layout


Seat car manuals (all years / models)


Part Number finder


Option Code lookup – this is the codes on your boot sticker to explain what configuration your car came with from the factory


Erwin – this is the official Seat site to get all the inform


Best video from back in the day

Cupra 280 vs Golf R


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